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Top Material Options for Your Kitchen Cabinets and Joinery

Blog | February 14th, 2020

Kitchen cabinets and joineries are more varied nowadays and the material options for such are much the same. It is difficult to pick a certain material since it is possible to like certain details from several materials. However, top picks will surely help you pick the ones that suit most of your needs. Below are the top material options for your kitchen cabinets and joinery.

Solid Timber

Using solid timber material for your kitchen cabinets and joinery provides the longest lasting finish with the bonus option of simply resanding, staining or painting to change the look of your kitchen down the track. There are so many additional benefits of using this material. Timber rarely shows dirt or ageing and its durable finish is perfect for busy high traffic family kitchens. Another advantage of solid timber joinery is that the natural colour pallet of timber ties into almost any style of kitchen, flooring, and home decor, instantly creating a feature that does not date.

Laminated Finishes

You cannot go wrong with using laminated finishes in your kitchen. Not only does this finish provide a very durable surface, it also has an extensive colour range and contemporary textured range to match any style or vision. It’s an extremely cost effective option and looks great in any style of kitchen.

Black Marine Plywood

The timber edges of black marine ply are left exposed as a very impressive design feature. The sleek look is a result of how plywood is constructed – by pressing thin layers of timber together. This suits inner-city chic, industrial or ultra-modern kitchen designs and has the added bonuses of remaining a cost-effective option, as well as a very durable material. Plywood is made from thin layers of wood glued together, typically with the grains positioned at different angles for added strength. It’s available in sheets of different sizes and ply types. Additionally, plywood is still generally more affordable than solid wood. Plywood also fares significantly higher than medium-density fibreboard (MDF) in terms of strength, screw support, and suitability for exterior jobs.

Pre-Finished Veneers

Pre-finished veneers are ‘pre-finished’ so you don’t need to worry about what the actual veneer colour will appear. You must remember that most veneers are ‘raw finished’ in the sample folders, so you’re often left surprised at how dark or even red timber becomes once the two pack lacquer has been applied. Not only are pre-finished veneers very durable, specifically in vertical uses, it’s also great for statements or feature areas in the kitchen.

Two-Pack Gloss

Two-pack is renowned for being one of the best types of high gloss looks available. As a material, it’s very flexible in uses and can be applied to any material surface or style of doors. It can come in the form of a shaker, provincial, plain, timber and even stainless steel. The most beneficial aspect of using two-pack in your kitchen is that you’re able to do an exact colour match with your walls at home. It’s a classic, high end option that will always be appreciated.

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