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Two-Toned Kitchen Renovation Ideas: What are The Benefits?

Blog | March 20th, 2018

As a major food preparation centre and gathering place for everyone in your household along with friends, neighbors and other guests, your kitchen is a vital and vibrant room in your home. It is also central to your plans for any home decor and design changes you may want to make. If you are considering refurbishing and redecorating your kitchen soon, you may want to decide on a contemporary two-toned kitchen renovations plan. This fresh, simple approach to kitchen colour schemes can give your kitchen decor the attractive lift it needs to regain its former design appeal. Since this room is in constant use in your home, you want it to be warm, attractive and comfortable for all to enjoy gathering in to relax, unwind from the busy day and enjoy one another’s company and conversation.

What Are the Benefits of Two-Toned Kitchen Renovation Ideas?

When considering a two-toned kitchen renovation idea for your own home kitchen makeover, you may wonder what the true benefits are for choosing this redesigning style. Some of the primary advantages of deciding on a dual-toned renovation scheme for your kitchen include the following:

• Making Your Kitchen Look Larger. – When you select two-tone neutral colors for your kitchen, such as light cocoa and amber-sand, the room will expand visually, looking and seeming larger to your family, friends and anyone who enters the space. The neutral colours will have the effect of pushing back the walls and making the ceiling seem higher. When you add touches of brighter hues as decorative highlights like burnt orange kitchen counter stools or yellow-gold cabinets, these items will help define the spatial relationships created by your main colour choices throughout the room.

• Giving Your Kitchen a Warmer or Calmer Ambiance.
– While neutral light browns, grays and cream or beige tones will enlarge the look and feel of your kitchen, they will also create a calm, soothing ambiance throughout the space. If you desire a warmer feeling and sensibility in your home’s food preparation and major gathering place, you may want to use colours like subtle auburn-glow and soft coral or sunset gold and light buttercup for your two-tone colour scheme. You can then add whatever other hues you like as accents and embellishments.

• Using Colour Contrast to Enliven Your Kitchen Decor. – By using contrasting colours for your updated kitchen decor, you can brighten and enliven the room’s fashion statement and appeal without giving it a starling or glaring appearance. For example, if you combine bright aqua and early spring green in your kitchen decor, you can achieve an expansive feeling in the room while creating the enlivened atmosphere of a natural scenic view in the early days of springtime.

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