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Understanding a High-Gloss Finish in a Kitchen Design

Blog | July 16th, 2019

Choosing to install high-gloss cabinetry for your home kitchen update will brighten the entire room, making it appear and feel larger and more open. With this luminous style of finish on your new cabinets and cupboards, any type of overhead or wall lighting will be reflected, giving you more lightly in your food preparation and cooking areas. The colours, textures and patterns of your overall kitchen decor will be displayed more clearly and attractively for the enjoyment of all the members of your household, visiting family and friends.

For kitchen makeovers today, there are three primary types of glossy finishes available: acrylic, laminate or thermofoil; glossy painted wood; or high-gloss lacquered wood. While acrylic cabinets and counter-tops offer a sleek, streamlined look and sheen, an attractive shiny finish can be achieved also with use of laminate or thermofoil cabinetry fashioned from thin layers of vinyl or other plastic coating that are fused to a substrate of stone or other natural material, or simply fused with heat and pressure. Both of these types of materials provide an appealing, durable, high-gloss finish to enliven and enhance your kitchen interior.

Glossy painted wood or lacquered wood cabinets also offer long-lasting, smooth, mirror-like finishes that will set your new kitchen aglow with an atmosphere of ongoing vitality. This uplifting visual appeal and inviting ambiance for your contemporary kitchen update will provide you with many hours of enjoyment as you share your home cooking experience with family and friends in your newly designed kitchen interior.

Understanding the Benefits of High-Gloss Finishes in Kitchen Design

Major benefits of choosing high-gloss finishes for your new home kitchen interior design include the following:

• Dynamic Visual Appeal.
The attractive new look and overall dynamic atmosphere of your high-gloss kitchen finishes will make meal and snack preparation a joy. No longer will you and other members of your household want to avoid spending time prepping food and cooking. The bright, inviting appeal of your new kitchen interior will entice you and others to spend even more time in this attractive room, making it the true gathering point of activity and enjoyment in your home.

• Long-Term Durability. Regardless of the type of modern high-gloss cabinet, counter or tabletop finishes that you select for your new kitchen interior, you can count on their reliable durability. With the attractive yet sturdy finishes that they offer, you will benefit from long-term, daily use of your new kitchen finishes without any problems from scratched, scuffed, cracked or chipped surfaces.

• Easy Maintenance. Your new high-gloss kitchen finishes will be easy to clean and maintain. Just by washing these surfaces with a gentle detergent, mild glass cleaner spray or vinegar and water mixture, you can easily keep them clean and shining. Remove occasional stubborn surface marks or stains with a non-abrasive, creamy cleanser. Always buff these glossy surfaces dry using a soft cloth or chamois for best results.

When you consult the experts at Knebel Kitchens with head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will receive excellent advice, high-gloss kitchen finishes and full installation services for your new kitchen makeover. Our experienced and knowledgeable team will assist you with selecting the ideal types of glossy finishes for your cabinets, counters, tabletops and bar surfaces to set your kitchen aglow with renewed visual appeal, long-lasting style and vitality.

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