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Understanding Some of the Most Popular Kitchen Bench top Materials

Blog | June 11th, 2020

When designing another kitchen, one of the key things that can truly have a sensational effect is the bench top material. The material you pick can either represent the deciding moment your structure, and with such huge numbers of various hues, surfaces, and materials to browse, it tends to be a significant troublesome choice. The various materials accessible can provide their own benefits and drawbacks, and it might be a struggle to look for which type is directly for you. Below is an overview that can make you understand some of the most popular kitchen bench top materials.

Rock and Stone

Rock is one of the most hard wearing and strong materials accessible for bench tops. It’s most popular for its life span and luxurious appearance. The toughness of the material methods it’s not so much modest, rather, it’s one of the more costly choices accessible. Stone is accessible in practically any shading, albeit light hued rock is known to here and there get recolours effectively except if it is resealed occasionally. A great deal of work and exertion is required to construct rock bench tops, requiring a lot of vitality and waste. In case you’re after an earth inviting bench top, rock is maybe not the best choice.


Marble bench tops are by a wide margin the most attractive. There is no denying how extraordinary marble can glance in a kitchen. It does, in any case, require a great deal of care and upkeep. In addition to the fact that marble is extremely overwhelming and requires unique establishment, yet it can likewise scratch effectively and is exceptionally permeable. Because of this, it can recolour effectively and requires normal resealing, making it a not especially ‘green’ choice. With its unimaginable magnificence and requirement for support, marble is one of the most costly benchtop alternatives available, by and large left for the most very good quality kitchens.


Wood gives your kitchen a warm, plain feel. Wood is a light material, which is invaluable, and can arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Being a characteristic material, wood is much simpler to combine with different materials to make differentiate in the kitchen. Because of its temperament and the manner in which it can assimilate dampness, lumber can be very inclined to stains and scratching. It is, in any case, generally simple to keep up, requiring a touch of sanding and resealing.


Cleaned concrete is gradually getting increasingly well known as a benchtop material, as it’s very modest, simple to introduce, and very adaptable in its utilization. Cleaned cement can undoubtedly be shaded, making it an extraordinary alternative for a uniquely designed structure. Then again, cleaned concrete commonly needs additional consideration to guarantee it endures and stays tough after some time. It can likewise split, which is to a greater degree a corrective as opposed to auxiliary issue, yet one to consider. Cleaned concrete is heavier than built stone and quartz, so it might require exceptional help in your kitchen.

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