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Using the Kitchen Triangle for Kitchen Space Planning

Blog | July 30th, 2020

When structuring your kitchen redesign or new form, it very well may be hard to shuffle the entirety of the plan ideas and make them cooperate. That is the reason it assists with having an alternate way or a general guideline to use as a controlling theme.

The kitchen triangle is one such alternate route that has been utilized for decades and still remains constant for some kitchen configuration ventures. Applying the kitchen triangle structure idea implies that you have consequently understood a large group of kitchen plan issues identifying with ergonomics, work process, and aesthetics.

What Is the Kitchen Triangle?

The kitchen triangle is a plan idea that manages action in the kitchen by setting key administrations in recommended territories. The thought is that the cook ought to have the option to move unhampered between three focuses—sink, oven/stove, and ice chest—and that the separations between those focuses ought not be excessively far or excessively close.

At the point when the work process is unrestricted, this implies two focuses on the triangle form a straight or generally straight line, and this line isn’t hindered by the third point in the triangle or by some other obstacle.

Kitchen Triangle’s Three Points

Kitchen Sink

The essential sink is typically situated on the border of the kitchen, however at times it might be situated on a kitchen island. Advantageous sinks are not considered along with the kitchen triangle. You will likewise need to anticipate space on either side of the kitchen sink for putting dishes or planning food.

Oven and Oven

With the kitchen triangle, the supposition that will be this is a joined oven/stove. On the off chance that the oven and broiler are independent, the two are situated inside 2 to 3 feet of one another. You can transform it marginally by having a divider broiler situated out of the triangle since heating tends not to be an incessant kitchen action. On the off chance that you do happen to be a devoted cook, then verify that the divider stove is a piece of the triangle.


The cooler, while certainly part of the kitchen triangle, positions as the least significant purpose of the triangle. The supposition that will be that the cook won’t be continually shipping things to and fro from it. On the off chance that one point must be somewhat farther away, it will be the ice chest. Ensure that the entryway of the fridge opens into the triangle, not outside of it. This takes into account simpler access to the food and keeps the refrigerator entryway from itself turning into an impediment.

Kitchen Island Space Considerations

Kitchen islands are particularly significant when planning your kitchen around the triangle idea. Without an island, the main method to fabricate a triangle is by forming the three focuses inside a L-molded kitchen or over the passageway in a cook room kitchen or a U-formed kitchen.

Be that as it may, including a kitchen island is an alternate route to simpler kitchen triangle structure. On the island, you can find a cooktop or an essential sink. Over the path would be the cooler or the essential sink, cooktop, or oven/broiler blend. Separations between the island and the principle ledge zone will almost consistently be the right separation.

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