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Wardrobe Design Tips for Sports Enthusiasts

Blog | January 22nd, 2020

Storage planning is much more complicated for sports enthusiasts since their gears and items are often bulky and large. More often than not, these items eat up all the space in their wardrobe, especially when it is commonly left unorganised. Luckily, there are some wardrobe design tips for sports enthusiasts so that they will no longer experience the hassle of organising.

Organise Compartments

Divide your wardrobe into sections. Each category and article of clothing must get their own space for easier access. If you are into sports, there are a whole lot of items that will need to be stored with care. Your jerseys, helmets and racquets can get grubby very quickly. Chances are that you will not be cleaning them often, as you stash them away after a game. Plan a deep drawer at the bottom of your wardrobe that is disconnected from the rest of the storage, maybe one that is accessible from the outside. You don’t want the mud getting on all your clean stuff.

Safe Storage

Important and sentimental items must be contained in a safer compartment. These include precious sporting medals, trophies or certificates that you need to store with care. You can make use of a safe that can hold all your valuables and can be opened with a special combination would be just the thing for you. Make sure that it is anchored to the shelf using a bolt for additional security.

Hanger space

Formal wear needs to be on hangers, and not folded, so that it does not crease. Your storage should be organised with the formal section on one side and shelves for folded clothes on one side. If there is any space below the hangers, you can store swimming goggles, gym wear, gloves and the like. Store them in transparent boxes so that you can easily see what is inside.

Accessories and Undergarments Storage

Undergarments are always best stored in a drawer as prescribed by a tidying-up expert named Marie Kondo. She strongly advocates storing your undies on end, rolled up or otherwise laid out in such a way. Drawers are also the best way to store accessories like ties, belts, cufflinks, hair accessories, makeup, jewellery and more. Expensive items should be locked away in the safe as we have already mentioned, but anything else can go into drawers that have organized compartments, so that small items are separated and nothing moves around.

Hooks for Caps

If you’re into sports, you may be having quite a collection of caps. A series of hooks on the inside of your wardrobe door will help you to store them very neatly.

Sticks Together

Hockey sticks, cricket bats and the like can all be housed together in another drawer, or can also be mounted on the side of the door. Just make sure they have a defined space so that you aren’t searching for them every day! A tall wire basket is a good storage idea for anything extra that doesn’t have its own space. If you have a tall space for hanging your clothes, you can place the basket on the floor of your wardrobe.

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