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What are the Elements of a High Tech Kitchen Design?

Blog | January 31st, 2019

Popular elements of high tech kitchen design are constantly changing as innovative new features are introduced to the consumer market. Especially since your kitchen is such a busy and important room in your home, you want it to have a highly appealing and inviting interior. This room is where your entire household gathers for meal preparation, conversation and casual relaxation.

If your home bar, indoor grill and entertainment center adjoin your kitchen, this room is also where your friends, neighbors and visiting relatives will naturally gravitate to enjoy chatting over refreshing food and drink. Whenever you think of starting home renovations, your kitchen is often the first room you focus on as the vital hub of your home life.

Primary Elements of a High Tech Kitchen Design for 2019

Main elements and features of contemporary high tech kitchen designs for 2019 include the following:

•  The Modern Family Eatery.
– This updated casual yet classy modern look of streamlined luxury for your kitchen can be created with use of precision gray or dark cocoa overhead cabinetry and a deep rose-gray marbled benchtop installation along with sleek black contemporary appliances. The cool sophistication of the black kitchen is back in style with new highlights like matte auburn-hued pendulum light fixtures, chrome and charcoal bar stools and a richly toned mahogany island with built-in cafe tables. The decor creates the ideal chic urban cafe that can be transformed instantly into the casual, friendly ambiance of an open-concept, family food court when needed.

• The Non-Kitchen Look.
– New kitchen designs for this year feature a stylish, updated decor that offers advancements in space-saving, savvy and chic elegance. However, fashion never overshadows functionality as every inch of space is used to optimal efficiency and convenience. Food prepping, cooking, serving and eating can all be accomplished with ease and enjoyed to the ultimate in this contemporary kitchen interior. Concealed work areas that are quickly hidden away by sliding doors or designed as modules to swing outward from walls for use and back inward for storage are a popular trend. Built-in dining tables extend from kitchen islands and cavity sliding doors on cabinets and cupboards disappear neatly into decorative paneling designs installed alongside them.

• The Well-being Design Mode.
– The global attentions to the value of wellness have made their way to the kitchen this season. Clever interior designers and decor experts are persuading consumers to focus on being better and safer home chefs as they prepare healthier meals. Modern kitchen designs offer overhead herb gardens nurtured by a series of LED lights. Advanced extractor hood designs are being installed over ranges and grills for banishing cooking fumes. Blast chillers are growing in popularity for cooling cooked dishes rapidly for safe refrigeration. Updated fridges feature bright lights that enable you to take a quick inventory of foods stored inside through a window pane in the appliance door to avoid spoiled food and wastage.

When you consult the top-tier kitchen designers, builders and renovators of Knebel Kitchens with its head office and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will benefit from expert advice, designs and installations for building or renovating your home kitchen.

The members of our fine team of professionals are highly experienced in all areas of kitchen design and decor, and they will help you acquire the ideal kitchen interior of your dreams.

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