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What is a Transitional Kitchen Design?

Blog | April 8th, 2019

A transitional kitchen design has any combination of styles that you want it to have. Moving away from traditional and popular types of kitchen design and decor, a transitional interior for your kitchen may include a creative mix of older, new and unusual elements. It can be great fun to plan this wide-ranging mode of kitchen design because you can disregard any standard rules of style.

It is surprising to many homeowners just how attractive and innovative blending ultra-modern with classic kitchen fashion modalities can be. You can be as extravagant or conservative as you like in creating your new style of decor. This allows you to assume the role of your home interior design consultant, devising a contemporary, fashionable kitchen with use of your own creative talents.

Creating Your Own Transitional Kitchen Design

You can create your own style for an attractive, comfortable and inviting transitional home kitchen design by experimenting with different interior design and decor ideas like the following:

• Mix Elements from Different Eras. – Combine sleek, modern, factory-honed timbre wall paneling with handcrafted Victorian molding or Early American wainscoting. You can also experiment with use of a combination of recessed ceiling lighting with hanging lantern lamp designs. You may also want to use a repurposed, deep porcelain farmhouse sink in combination with your shiny new black range and fridge, complementing both with black and white marble or porcelain floor tiles.

• Make Your Own Splashback Tiles.
– It can be fun to experiment with making your own concrete tiles for your kitchen splashback. You can add insets of coloured stones or small glass and ceramic tiles to your concrete masterpieces before they dry for a lightly sparkling, decorative effect. Natural timbre cabinets in the lustrous hardwoods of your choice will pair very nicely with your handmade concrete splashback decor. If you like, you can also experiment with using a combination of different woods for your cabinet designs.

• Use Unusual Natural Stone. – For an innovative benchtop or kitchen island countertop, look for unusual colours in marble and granite, including blues, greens and purples. You can then highlight and emphasise these colours in kitchen decor accessories like upholstered or painted counter stool seats or paint colours for woodwork around windows and doorways.

Consult Knebel Kitchens with head office and showroom in Ingleburn, NSW for the ultimate expert advice, designs, construction and installation services for elements of your new transitional home kitchen design. Our highly experienced team will assist you in choosing the ideal combination of styles and fashionable items of decor to make your unusual kitchen interior a great success with your entire household along with family and friends.

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