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What Makes a Pass-Through Window an Ideal Addition for Your Kitchen?

Blog | September 10th, 2021

Contemporary design ideas for kitchen pass-through windows are many and varied. Just as your kitchen’s interior design and decorative features should reflect and complement your lifestyle and personality, its practical aspects should meet your preferences and needs for total cooking comfort and functionality.

If you like to feel connected to the activity in your open concept living and entertaining areas just beyond your kitchen while cooking, you will most likely favour a large pass-through window near your spacious kitchen countertop, stove-top, range and collection of smaller kitchen appliances. Since this expanse of open window will allow you to converse with family, friends and dinner guests while you work your magic as home chef supreme, you can enjoy socialising while you dice, slice, chop, simmer and sauté.

Popular Design Styles for Kitchen Pass-Through Windows

Favourite styles in contemporary designs for function and fashion in kitchen pass-through windows include the following choices:

Long Rectangular Timber-Framed Window – This large pass-through window is an exaggeration of the traditional pass-through. The only difference is that it is longer, often stretching nearly from one end of your kitchen wall to the other, in front of your main countertop and cooking area. This design allows easy communication among the chef, others helping in the kitchen and family, neighbors and other guests gathered in your open concept living spaces. Often framed in handsome Red Oak, Victorian Ash, Bamboo or Cyprus Pine, this impressive pass-through is great for just that—passing trays of appetizers and tall drinks from the kitchen to guests in the living and entertainment areas.

Large Square Window With Stone-Work Surrounds – A tall, handsome square-shaped window serves as an attractive and useful pass-through from kitchen to living room space and beyond. It keeps the kitchen activities more separate from family and guests in the adjoining areas, but still allows for easy conversing by cook and kitchen crew with the dinner guests or partygoers beyond the window. This window is also quite adequate for passing delicacies and treats out to guests from the kitchen. Set in rugged or ornately carved stone work, this window is both functional and an example of fine artistry and craftsmanship for the viewer to enjoy.

Vertical or Horizontal Oval Window in Picture-Frame Setting – Oval kitchen pass-through windows are often conversation pieces in home design. Whether they are placed for vertical or horizontal emphasis in your kitchen wall, they draw immediate attention from your guests. Even when these unusual, rounded pass-through are set in minimalist or geometrically patterned modern frames, they still give the chef and cooking crew framed by the oval the vintage appearance of a genuine cameo image captured in kitchen-style portraiture. Not quite as functional for serving foods as the square and rectangular models, these oval-shaped designs have a novel appeal that outshines their practical use.

By contacting the expert designers, craftsmen and installers at Knebel Kitchens at their head office and showroom location in Ingleburn, NSW, you will obtain excellent advice, designs and construction of your attractive and functional kitchen pass-through window. The final design and stylistic decisions are yours, and this team will work closely with you to create the ideal pass-through window to satisfy all your preferences, needs, desires and whims.

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