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What will Be the Hottest Kitchen Design Trends that Will Hit High in 2019?

Blog | January 15th, 2019

The latest advanced designs in kitchen interiors for 2019 promote a strong focus on healthier, safer and more pleasant food prepping and cooking spaces. Featured items include overhead herb cultivation shelving with LED lighting, improved fume extractor hoods and blast cooling technology for fast, safe cooling of hot dishes.

These improvements complement the exciting, fresh trends in contemporary interior design for kitchens. Whether you are building a new home kitchen or have plans to renovate your current food preparation areas, there are multiple attractive and practical decor ideas to explore.

Hottest Fresh Kitchen Design Trends Gaining High Popularity for 2019

The hottest trends in kitchen interior design for 2019 that are already hitting high scores for popular use include the following:

• Anti-Kitchen Designs. -The latest kitchen designs are so strongly focused on style, safety and convenience that you can easily forget that you have entered a kitchen. Although these rooms do have advanced features and updates for an easier, enhanced food prepping and cooking experience, they offer much more today. For example, this year’s designs feature such fashionable cabinets that it is difficult to remember that they are meant for storing small kitchen appliances, dinnerware, cookery, and food items.

Concealed work areas offer sliding doors to cover food prepping space when desired. Attractive timbre shelves encourage you to display your favourite china, serving platters and cooking vessels as though they were part of an art gallery display. The luxury of multiple touch features also makes the new ease of cooking a pleasurable daily experience.

• Black Kitchen Decor Trends. -The long-lasting all-white kitchen has now been eclipsed by dark and dramatic, all-black designs. The predominant black interior is often subtly accented by varied shades of grey and khaki. Along with creating a sleeker, more sophisticated and relaxing interior for cooking, these darker kitchens also add the practical advantage of hiding the wear-and-tear scrapes and scuffs that can mar any kitchen that is used for everyday meal preparation and entertaining. Black appliances are also now a popular trend for home kitchen decor. They enhance the interiors of both industrial style and ornately decorated home kitchens.

• Custom Kitchen Design Popularity. -This is the year of self-design for home kitchens. Interior designers and decor experts are ready to work with your specific preferences and needs in all areas of kitchen style and functionality. Mono-blocks and unalterable modular configurations have given way to ultimate cooking convenience and practicality combined with elegant, streamlined stylistic features. Customised food preparation areas with extractable countertops and kitchen islands with hideaway tables for dining when desirable are becoming quite the rage in kitchen decor for 2019 living.

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