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White and Open Kitchen Designs: Reasons that Make it a Good Choice

Blog | November 21st, 2019

Deciding which design to choose for your kitchen has proven to be more challenging now than ever. The variety of colours and styles has long been part of the struggle in styling the interiors. But now, the merging of these designs into a whole new style had encouraged people to wish there was a more default choice. Luckily, white and open kitchen designs might just work for you.

Neutrality and Versatility

White and open designs are neutral and not at all overwhelming. Using it as a kitchen design can give you more liberty to decorate your space in the manner you desire. Every colour is believed to look great if paired with white. You can never go wrong with gray, beige, and black but it is not a sin either to experiment with different accent colours. You can simply change the wall paint, curtains and breakfast table cloth from blue floral blues to fresh greens and it will seem like a whole new room. The neutrality of white coupled with the versatility of the open kitchen design will make your interiors look absolutely amazing.

Sanitary and Efficient

White in itself can make a space look clean and fresh. It is said to psychologically convey a sanitary feeling. If you set it up with an open kitchen design, the openness of the room leads you to be more conscious on all cleaning. Consequently, the hygiene of your kitchen is properly maintained. An open kitchen design also encourages efficiency since you have direct access from the kitchen to spaces such as the dining table. It reduces the chance of accidents occurring.


Both white and open kitchen designs evoke an illusion that the space is so much larger than it actually is. The colour white reflects reflect both interior and exterior light, making even the smallest kitchen appear bigger. On the other hand, the lack of dividers or walls in an open kitchen design suggests a less cramped area. This creates the atmosphere that the entire kitchen is spacious and limitless.

For a white and open kitchen design that fits your needs and preferences, consult Knebel Kitchens. We promise to offer you the best choices in delivering a white and open kitchen design suited to your liking.  We have always been known to deliver a high quality kitchen based on your custom design. We have a professional degree-qualified designer will consider all your needs and offer you products representing the latest trends in colour, technology and functionality. We pride upon our ability to be hands-on since the service you receive will be the best from the first meeting — through to installation.

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