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White Joinery and White Natural Stone Combination: A Fresh Look for Your Home

Blog | October 16th, 2018

When white joinery and white stone benchtops and wall or floor tiles are combined in kitchen decor, the result is timeless and stunning. White has always been a popular choice for a predominant kitchen interior design colour, especially since it leaves the palette open for free use of countless other hues and tonalities. French country kitchen interiors have long revealed the serene yet enlivening atmosphere of all-white, off-white, cream and sandy beige kitchen decor.

The white and neutral surfaces in these pristine culinary preparation spaces absorb, soften and then reflect early daylight, bright noonday sunbeams and the glow of overhead lighting or sconce lamps decorating the walls. When touches of colour are added in splashback tiling, kitchen counter stools or in bright border tiling along the edges of benchtops and island counters, even these small dashes of playful colouration brighten the room’s overall white design.

White Kitchen Joinery and Natural Stone Bring Fresh Vitality to Your Home Decor

Pure white joinery and white natural stone as major items of your home kitchen decor can enlarge and empower the look and atmosphere of your food preparation areas, using such material combinations as the following:

• White Marble Benchtop and Painted White Matte Finish Joinery.
– Although most white marble has swirling veins of grays, browns, rose and other colours, under certain geologic conditions, pure limestone may be transformed into pristine white marble. Thassos marble, quarried on the Greek island of Thassos, is an example of beautiful, pure white marble that provides a sleek, classic surface and warm yet sophisticated allure when used as an interior design element. When this highly attractive marble in combined with smooth, matte finish painted joinery mounted on kitchen walls above the splashback, your kitchen will acquire a bright, pleasing glow in any form of lighting.

• White Granite Countertops and White Glossy Finish Painted Joinery.
– Granulites are white to light grey or cream coloured granite. They are a type of metamorphic stones that were formed in very highly heated natural conditions during which the stone was chemically altered. Varieties of granulite that are frequently used in interior design are named River White, Colonial White and Bianco Romano. Containing feldspar, quartz, garnets another minerals, even the white colours often have linear or wavelike patterns or are lightly speckled. This type of granite is very attractive for kitchen countertop installations, especially when paired with pure white or creamy coloured, painted cabinetry with a smooth, glossy surface finish.

• White Quartzite Benchtop and White Enamel Finish Joinery. – Due to its extreme density and hard surface, quartzite is now a leading natural stone for use in interior decor. It offers white, cream or pale gray coloration, often with light patterns similar to marble, although quartzite is composed of quartz and is resistant to staining from food acids used frequently in meal preparation. Because it is a very sturdy and durable stone and less abundant than marble, quartzite is more expensive. It is also more difficult to fabricate than marble or granite due to its impressive hardness and density. Quartzite makes charming kitchen benchtops in combination with white enamel painted joinery that is wall-mounted, beneath the benchtop or freestanding cabinetry.

By consulting our kitchen design and building experts at Knebel Kitchens with head company offices and showroom located in Ingleburn, NSW, you will benefit from top-tier advice, designs and installation of stunning white natural stone surfaces paired with glowing white joinery to update your home kitchen. This fine team of professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal stones and joinery surface shades to brighten and enhance your entire food preparation area with pristine white hues. Contact our Knebel Kitchens experts today via the company website at knebel.com.au for the contemporary white kitchen decor of your dreams.

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