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Why Functional Pantry Cabinets Are an Important Part of Your Kitchen

Blog | January 30th, 2018

Many elements go into creating the ideal kitchen. While most of these inclusions are given high priority today, one element is often overlooked, namely functional pantry cabinets or pantries. Do not be one of the homeowners who underestimate the importance of these cabinets. You are the one who will lose out on a crucial organisational addition to your kitchen if you join in with these homeowners. We explain the reasons why you need to heed our advice in the following facts.

You Will Be Able to Organise Your Shelf-Stable Ingredients for Cooking and Baking

One huge advantage of pantry cabinets is the fact that you will be able to highly organise your canned goods, spices, rice, flour, baking soda, dried beans and other shelf-stable ingredients for your cooking and baking sessions. You can find an item easily with this type of setup. Place each type of item in a similar group so you do not need to search through the entire pantry. Examples of this include all spices on an eye-level shelf, canned goods on the bottom shelf and occasional-use items on the top shelf.

Pantry Cabinets Are Ideal for Storing Your Mixer and Mixing Bowls for Easy Access

Another use for pantries is for storing your mixer and mixing bowls in to keep them out of sight in between uses and for easy access. This keeps your stand mixer from taking up valuable counter space that you need for food prep.

Your Broom and Mop Will Fit Into a Tall Pantry Cabinet

When you include at least one tall pantry cabinet that goes from the floor to near the ceiling, you can store your broom, mop and dust pan in it. As a result, you do not need to travel to another part of the house if a spill occurs of dry or liquid elements. You can clean the spill up quickly and return to creating your dishes or bake goods.

A Pantry Also Can Be a Work Centre

In a large kitchen, the pantry cabinets can be spacious enough to be a work centre. You not only can have adequate shelf space for storage, but you also can install a countertop in order for you to perform certain food prep right in your pantry.

Knebel Kitchens will ensure that you receive highly functional pantry cabinets when you avail yourself of our services. We design them according to your needs and not our whims. Also, all cabinetry from us is durable and attractive along with fulfilling your storage requirements.

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