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Why Natural Stone combined with Timber Looks Great on Kitchens and Bathrooms

Blog | December 13th, 2018

The stunning combination of natural stone and timber creates dynamic and yet calming and relaxing kitchen and bathroom interior decor. Whenever you bring the classic beauty of nature indoors, you also import the energy and constant vitality of the natural world into your home environment to enhance and empower your everyday lifestyle.

When home kitchens and bathrooms are designed with the pure elegance and ageless formations of marble, quartz and granite combined artfully with richly grained and hued Australian hardwoods, the result is a display of ultimate natural style and unaltered glamourous allure. Your new kitchen or bath interior will offer the heights of enduring functionality aligned with your favorite mode of nature’s design for ultimate fashion and flair.

Natural Stone and Timber Add Exquisite Beauty and Lasting Practicality to Kitchen and Bath Interiors

When you combine the unequaled beauty of natural stone and timber in your interior designs for your new or updated kitchen or bathroom, the result will be a unique display of ageless beauty joined with more contemporary elements of your home’s interior decor. Outstanding pairings of stunning stone and timber for your kitchen or bath include the following:

  • Almendra Marble and Jarrah Timber – This light coral-sand coloured marble flecked with tan, grey and light golden hues comes to vibrant life when paired with the rich deep auburn shades of Jarrah timber in kitchen and bathroom designs. When used for elegant benchtops and wall paneling or flooring slabs, this marble brings subtle yet lively beauty to any kitchen interior. Especially when used in combination with the deep, resonant tones of Jarrah cabinets, kitchen islands and other furnishings, the result will be a unique room of outstanding elegance and long-lasting functionality.
  • Rose-Grey Granite and Victorian Ash Wood – These two natural design elements seem to be related in terms of colour and tonality balances. The soft yet definite colour variations of the granite’s rose and grey hues align with the soft, pleasing beauty of the Ash wood’s tan and pink-sand shades to offer a playful, but calming ambiance to your kitchen or bath interior. This light, airy colour scheme will also expand your kitchen and bathroom visually, making them seem more spacious.
  • Pure White Quartz and Cherry Mahogany Timber – When you combine the purity of white quartz for your bathroom walls and flooring with the rich deep tones of cherry mahogany woodwork and vanity cabinetry, the room will assume a soft, light glow as the enriching dark red tones of the timber are absorbed and then reflected by the quartz. The colour tones and resulting ambiance will change slightly according to the lighting in the room, and each new look will be even more pleasing than the previous one.

When you consult the expert kitchen and bathroom designers and builders atKnebel Kitchens located inIngleburn, NSW, you will receive top quality advice, designs, and building and installation services for your new or updated kitchen or bathroom decor. These excellent designers and craftsmen will enable you to see the dynamic and stunning new room interiors of ultimate natural beauty that you have envisioned become reality.

You and your family will bask in the elegant luster of your outstanding new home interiors from our excellent group of professional designers and builders.

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