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Why Storage Space Matter When Choosing a Custom Wardrobe Design for Your Master Bedroom

Blog | February 14th, 2019

Before you choose a new custom wardrobe design for your master bedroom, be sure to consider the amount of storage space it offers. Some attractive styles for wardrobes look large and spacious from the outside, but have limited shelf and drawer space inside. Although they provide plenty of room for hanging clothing and storing shoes, there is little available space for placing folded sweaters, sleepwear, knit shirts, scarves, hats, gloves and all other accessories.

If you select this type of standing closet as a major item of your bedroom decor, you may find yourself shopping for additional shelving, bureaus or storage cupboards to accommodate your frequently used clothes and related items.

The Importance of Choosing a Master Bedroom Custom Wardrobe with Plenty of Storage Space

When selecting a custom wardrobe design for your master bedroom, you should be certain that it includes an abundance of storage space for the following reasons:

• Adequate Storage Room for Necessities.
– If you decide on a spacious, well-designed wardrobe with plenty of space for convenient storing of all your clothing, accessories and any extra items that you use frequently, you will make your daily life much easier. Getting dressed and ready for your busy daily routine will be faster and simpler, free of the annoyance of having to search through disorganised piles of clothing in search of a lost jacket, scarf or sweater.

• Organised Space for Keeping Clothing.
– When you have a fashionable and functional wardrobe in your master bedroom, you will eliminate the need to shop for additional hanging shelves, bureaus or cabinets. These extra furnishings will require use of floor and wall space, which may make the room seem smaller, crowded and less comfortable.

• Avoidance of Clutter and Confusion. – With a spacious, well-organised master bedroom wardrobe, you can avoid unnecessary clutter and confusion. Each time you open your wardrobe, all your clothing and other stored items will be clearly visible and neatly placed for easy access and use. You will never have to waste time searching for hidden or misplaced items or change quickly into another outfit. No more clutter or confusion before starting another busy and challenging day.

By consulting the expert designers, builders and installers at Knebel Kitchens at the company’s head office and showroom in Ingleburn, NSW, you will receive top quality advice and modern, innovative wardrobe designs. Our experienced team will provide fine craftsmanship and installation services for your new master bedroom wardrobe to completely satisfy your style preferences and practical needs.

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